Some of our most frequent photo restoration questions…

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Q. Will this restoration process damage or change the original photo?

A. No, absolutely not, we are used to handling old damaged photographs with great care. The one time we touch a photo is during the scanning process and then they are immediately stored away safely. We ONLY work on the scanned digital image which is why you’ll always get your original photo back unchanged AND a freshly restored print.

Photo Restoration - Photo Stuck to Glass

Q. Some of the photo is missing, can it be still be restored?

A. Yes. Obviously if someone’s entire head is missing it might be tricky, but surprisingly there are ways around this too – contact us for more information.

Photo Restoration - Heavily Creased Parts MissingPhoto Restoration - Missing Piece

Q. Can you restore a photo that is in pieces?

A. Yes and without any sign it had been damaged.

Q. Can you fix underdeveloped or overexposed photos?

A. Yes, no problem.

Q. Can you remove people entirely from a photograph?

A. Yes, with a sprinkle of our magic we can make anyone and anything vanish.

Photo Restoration - Person Removed in Background

Q. Will the original colour and size of the photo be preserved?

A. Yes, sepia will still be sepia, black and white still black and white. If colours are faded then we will rejuvenate them. The photo will be the same size as the original unless specified by you – colour effects and enlargements are an option you can request.

Q. What if I’m not happy with the photo restoration work?

A. Once the restoration is complete we will email you a proof of the results. At this stage we can discuss whether or not you are happy with the image and if everything is ok, only then do we send you a PayPal invoice for payment.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We like to use PayPal for our photo restorations as we find its the most secure and provides peace of mind not only for ourselves but for you our customers.

As with any questions – contact us and we’ll be happy to help.