Our photo restoration services can help you…

Anyone can try their hand at photo restoration due to the ‘one click’ settings found in image editing software. However, the immediate results can be ugly and in many cases look much worse! Subsequently, this also means the internet is littered with websites advertising ‘Photo Restoration Services’ without the necessary knowledge or experience.

Photo Restoration Services Old Faded Photo

Photo restoration services have been our speciality since 1997.

We know how to repair damaged photos and get the very best restoration results. Your damaged photos are magnified to high levels, much more than you’d see and carefully analysed to take into account light, shade and overall image balance – its less technical and more of an artistic process.

Our ‘human’ photo editor has over 15 years art, graphic design AND photo restoration experience and this, we believe, adds that extra level of quality to each and every restoration.

Examples of our photo restoration services: